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Glee Club Facebook || Gay Pride Parade

  • Kurt Hummel checked in at Pride Parade 2012! - "First ever year at Pride! So excited!"
  • Santana Lopez: Im so down to be your fag hag today, Lady Hummel. ;-) Britz and I are on our way!
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  • Blaine Anderson: OMG! Santana it's amazing, i won a rainbow bow tie! Plus everyone is drunk and half naked!
  • Noah Puckerman: Half naked? Like chicks too? Lopez! Swing by and pick me up on the way, i'm gonna make out with some hot lesbians today.
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  • Kurt Hummel: As you can see, Blaine is already taking advantage of the readily available alcohol. He also forgot to mention how he won his rainbow bow tie...
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  • Brittany S Pierce: Blaine it's not very nice to take advantage like that... I know alcohol has given you some problems in the past but everyone's capable of change..it has feelings too.
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  • Rachel Berry: Wait you guys are at the parade?!?! So am i!! Now that i think about it.. i thought i heard Blaine singing "it's raining men" but i thought i was imagining it...
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  • Blaine Anderson: RAAAAAACHEL! That was me, that's how i won my bow tie! I had to strip down to my underwear and siiiing! Let's meet up girrrlfriend!
  • Santana Lopez: Puck, the only reason i'm letting you tag along is to see you get rejected by hundreds of hot chicks. I'll be keeping a tally. Blaine i really hope you shaved your back... if i have to see your half naked ass it better be hair free!
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  • Brittany S Pierce: Don't feel bad Blaine, she makes me go "hair free" too... even though she doesn't have to. last night i felt like i was battling a dark forest to get to her kitty, for reals. Hey Rachel who are you there with?
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  • Finn Hudson: Rachel? You're at pride?... i thought you said you we're spending the day with your dads...
  • Quinn Fabray: She is with her dads. She is also with me...at gay pride... instead of with you... with...me...and alcohol. #discreet-lesbian-post
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  • Rachel Berry: Finn we can talk about this later. Quinn off of facebook!
  • Santana Lopez: Brittany you said you loved my dark forest... you said it made you feel like you were on a treasure hunt.... :(
  • Noah Puckerman: Always an interesting car ride with you two. I learn so much... #lezbebushy
  • Brittany S Pierce: Im just messing baby, you know i love it ;)
  • Sam Evans: HOLY SHIT. You guys are all here..
  • Mercedes Jones: Samuel Alexander Evans what in the hell are you doing dancing on a pride float?!!
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  • Artie Abrams: You saw him too?? Sam you're all over the news!! Theyre shooting coverage of the parade and we can see you dancing on the float... in really tiny purple underwear. What da hell.
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  • Mike Chang Jr: Keep watching guys! You'll see Blaine and Kurt! They're making out in an outdoor shower!! Im kind of jealous.. wish i was there!
  • Kurt Hummel: Well, since i didn't get into NYADA... i'm going balls to the wall. #notsorry
  • Noah Puckerman: Keep your balls in your pants bro, i don't need to see that.
  • Sugar Motta: BEST PRIDE EVER!
  • Quinn Fabray: Sugar! You're here too? Wow we should have named the glee club "Gay Directions" instead of "New Directions" Bahaha. Rachel don't you agree? :)
  • Santana Lopez: Oh this is going to be a shit fest.. Also, Berry and Fabray are totally screwing. I knew it.
  • Finn Hudson: Shut up Santana. You don't know what you're talking about.
  • Rachel Berry: Actually she does. Sorry Finn, i can't live a lie anymore. GAYBERRY HAS ARRIVED.
  • Brittany S Pierce: I like drunk Rachel better than normal Rachel and drunk Quinn makes me wanna puke rainbows.
  • Blaine Anderson: BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEE!
  • Mercedes Jones: Why am i not there right now! I missing the madness...... HOLD UP. HOLD THE HEEEEELL UP. Coach Sue is on a float too!!!!
  • Santana Lopez: My life is officially complete. I can die happy.
  • Sue Sylvester: You're damn right Boobs McGee!
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