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I think people are always their most true selves right when they wake up in the morning, before they have a chance to hoist up their defenses and soak in their insecurities and put on the many masks it takes to survive just a single day out in the mean world. And I think the best love is the kind where you can be your wake-up self around another person almost always. I don’t even think Santana knew her wake-up self before Brittany. Santana is all words, words, words, but Brittany never responds to that. She asks the questions and gives the answers to the things Santana is breathing between the noise. She says, “Yes, yes, you’re a panther” while stroking her terrified kitten fur. And Santana does the same for Brittany, but in the opposite way. She says, “You’re a sweet puppy, you’re my sweet puppy” while helping her grow into a majestic dire wolf.


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Let me preface this by saying I’m not a typical Brittana shipper. I’m probably older than most of you, I do not crush on either Brittana or the women who portray them. I’m not even gay. But I do love a good love story and Glee’s second season showed me a wonderfully touching story that happened to…

I could never just leave her … I just want you … I love you so much … when I’m with Brittany I finally know what people are talking about when they talk about love … Brittany will always be my girlfriend …” Lopez decides after a few weeks of geographic separation that their relationship isn’t working. I know that some people will interpret this as Santana doing what she thinks is best for Brittany, but anyone watching the scene could see that Heather Morris was very capably portraying the complete & utter heartbreak of Brittany S. Pierce. If you really love somebody, you don’t do that to them. And the sort of love I saw in season 2? Whether that happens to you at 15 or 50, it’s the sort of love you hang onto & fight for. It’s not the sort of love you intentionally forfeit so you can “experience life.



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