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Look at that guy trying to use his skateboard as a shield.

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i don’t miss glee i miss brittana


  • season 4 
  • episode 4 
  • october 4th 
  • 4 couples on the rocks 
  • 4 week hiatus 
  • nothing to live 4


New York State of Mind (brightened)


Chasing Pavements (brightened)


Call Me Maybe (brightened)

Glee Cast Facebook || Gimmi More Lesbians!

  • Naya Rivera - I'd like to be the first person to congratulate Heather on "Gimmi More" That song was smokin' hot. #GimmiMoreCake
  • Heather Morris: "We can get down like there's no one around" ;) Thank babe!! #It'sNotEvenMyBirffday
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  • Kevin McHale: HeMo, you worked that song like a hooker pole (sorry Naya!)
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  • Vanessa Lengies: Oh no you did not just bring up the hooker pole! Ps - GO HORRIS GO!
  • Lea Michele: It's actually pretty hilarious because that song is like their anthem! Horny lesbians.
  • Naya Rivera: Don't you be calling me out Bee, you either Lee! Dianna and I went to Europe remember? I've heard all the stories of you two living together!
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  • Mark Salling: I bet they fucked...
  • Cory Monteith: Wow Mark, you just pretty much called them out on facebook, well done bro. lol
  • Chris Colfer: Always so dignified Mark..
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  • Dianna Agron: Oh my gosh...
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  • Chord Overstreet: ^ She didn't deny it!! Damn all these girls getting some action..
  • Darren Criss: Sex bombs.
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  • Kevin McHale: I'm so turned on by this right now. Hook a brother up with some tender love and care I wantz in!! Bee and HeMo are doing the horizonal tango and Lea and Di are getting freaky!! Ahhh!!
  • Heather Morris: Who ever said anything about being horizontal? I am a dancer after all...;)
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  • Naya Rivera: Oh my god, Heather!
  • Lea Michele: I bet that sounds familiar, right Heath? Haha!!
  • Chris Colfer: LOL!!!!
  • Harry Shum Jr: Naya you're just digging yourself a big ol' hole right now. hahaha
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  • Ashley Lendzion: Just popping in to say that Lea is accurate, I am a witness to Naya's sex sounds.
  • Heather Morris: See, she's usually the one screaming "gimmi more" ;)
  • Dianna Agron: I wish I could see Nay's face right now.
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  • Naya Rivera: I hate all of you.
  • Kevin McHale: What if her face is between Heather's legs?
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  • Mark Salling: She'd wanna see it more... #LesbianLionQuinn
  • Lea Michele: Mark. Don't make me go all Bronx on your ass! Leave my girl alone!
  • Naya Rivera: Okay, for the record my head isn't between Heather's legs because if it were she wouldn't be able to type right now. Secondly, Dianna doesn't want to watch Heather and I get it on, she's too busy eating lea out... lezbehonest.
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  • Kevin McHale: Lol at Lea liking that comment, she gives no fucks...
  • Heather Morris: I wonder who she learned that from!!!! (:
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  • Amber Riley: What hot damn mess did I just walk into this time?
  • Jenna Ushkowitz: I second that statement.
  • Vanessa Lengies: Basically Heather and Naya go at it like rabbits, so do Lea and Dianna, Kevin doesn't get any and I don't know why because i'd totally tap that and that's what you been missing ON BLEEEE!
  • Kevin McHale: Kenessa? BeeNessa? McHalies? We need a ship name damn it! I wants to get it in!
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  • Amber Riley: Sorry I asked!!! Crazy ass white people.
  • Naya Rivera: I ain't white!
  • Amber Riley: Crazy ass white and wannabe white people!
  • Naya Rivera: ROOD!
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